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January 2014 NTIA/ITS News


The Video Quality Experts Group and the ITU Intersector Rapporteur Group on Audiovisual Quality Assessment (IRG-AVQA) met at the ITS facility in Boulder January 21-25, 2014. Arthur Webster and Margaret Pinson of NTIA/ITS co-hosted the meeting with SwissQual. Dr. Joel Dumke of ITS participated as co-chair of the Quality Assessment for Recognition Tasks (QART) group and Andrew Catellier of ITS presented the newly released Web-Enabled Subjective Test (WEST) software package described in NTIA Handbook HB-14-501: Web-Enabled Subjective Test (WEST) Research Tools Manual.

NTIA/ITS at the FCC 3.5 GHz Spectrum Access System Workshop

NTIA staff from ITS and the Office of Spectrum Management (OSM) participated in an FCC public-forum workshop in Washington, DC on January 14 on the topic of possible future spectrum sharing at 3.5 GHz. Frank Sanders of ITS presented on recent NTIA test and measurement results for radar interference to LTE base station receivers, and Bob Sole of OSM moderated a discussion panel. Sanders' presentation covered work described in the just published NTIA Technical Report by F. Sanders, J. E. Carroll, G. A. Sanders and R. L. Sole, "Effects of Radar Interference on LTE Base Station Receiver Performance." Another significant contribution to this discussion is the recently published report by Mike Cotton and Roger Dalke of ITS, "Spectrum Occupancy Measurements of the 3550-3650 Megahertz Maritime Radar Band Near San Diego, California."

Spotlight on ...

ITS Division Chief Frank Sanders is the subject of the most recent blog in the "Spotlight on NTIA" series of profiles of NTIA employees. Read all about it at Spotlight on NTIA: Frank Sanders, Chief of the Telecommunications Theory Division, Institute for Telecommunication Sciences.


Two ITS engineers presented at the 2014 National Radio Science Meeting (NRSM) of the U.S. National Committee (USNC) of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) January 7-11 at the University of Colorado Boulder.  Nick DeMinco presented on "A Propagation Model for Close-in Distances and Very Low Antenna Heights Based on Both Electromagnetic Theory and Measured Data." The presentation on January 8 described a new propagation model developed at ITS as the result of research described in the NTIA Technical Report "Propagation Loss Prediction Considerations for Close-in Distances and Low-Antenna Height Applications," NTIA Report TR-07-449, July 2007. Dr. Robert T. Johnk presented on "A fast-fading mobile channel measurement system" at a special session on spectrum management on January 10. The presentation described a a prototype propagation measurement system first reported in "A Fast-Fading Mobile Channel Measurement System,"a paper presented at the 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility.