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Latest Spectrum Measurement Report Released

April 2014

Between June 2011 and September 2012, the ITS Radio Spectrum Measurement Science (RSMS) program carried out a series of five spectrum occupancy measurements as part of ongoing research efforts. Four of the measurements were designed to broadly characterize the electromagnetic environment in different geographic areas. NTIA Technical ReportTR-14-502 Broadband Spectrum Survey in the Chicago, Illinois, Area, by Chriss Hammerschmidt, is the latest of a series of reports that discusses the broader measurement efforts. NTIA Technical Report TR-14-498 Broadband Spectrum Survey in the San Diego, California, Area and NTIA Technical Report TR-13-496 Broadband Spectrum Survey in the Denver Area, published in August and December of 2013, revisit areas where measurements were taken in 1993 (NTIA Report TR-95-321 Broadband Spectrum Survey at Denver, Colorado) and 1995 (NTIA Technical Report TR-97-334 Broadband spectrum survey at San Diego, California). One of the recent measurement efforts was designed to provide a very detailed description of occupancy in a specific frequency band in one location. NTIA Technical Report TR-14-500 Spectrum Occupancy Measurements of the 3550-3650 Megahertz Maritime Radar Band Near San Diego, California, published in January of this year takes an in-depth look at methods and statistical techniques for occupancy measurements.