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Over 150 Attended ISART 2017

August 21, 2017

Spectrum Mining at Millimeter Waves August 15-17 in Broomfield, Colorado

Digging for Capacity: As more spectrum users squeeze into the lower frequency bands, more are also exploring the higher frequencies to meet their capacity needs. Millimeter wave frequencies, approximately 20 GHz and above, are able to meet some needs. ISART 2017, the 16th in this series of high quality symposia explored millimeter waves, the technical challenges they present, and applications that use them. This year’s tutorial and four panels approached this topic from five different perspectives: regulation, industry, standards, measurement and modeling, and systems. Industry demonstrations and poster sessions from academia rounded out the conference. The goal of ISART 2017 was to get us all talking, exploring new ideas, brainstorming, and perhaps even solve a couple of millimeter wave obstacles. For more check out the Agenda (with speaker slides) and the Panel Descriptions.