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ITS Intern Showcase

Meet our interns and learn about their work supporting the ITS mission.

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Max Hollingsworth is a computer engineering intern and is completing his doctorate in computer science at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

ITS offers paid internships via the OPM Pathways Program. ITS interns come from all over the country to work at ITS while fulfilling their college or graduate school studies in the engineering, science, information technology, and administrative fields.

Throughout its nearly 60-year history, the Institute has welcomed many interns to its cross-disciplinary teams. Interns can learn about advanced methodologies in spectrum measurement theory and techniques, radiowave propagation modeling, and best practices in field operations.

As they work on challenging, cutting-edge projects, interns benefit from an individual mentorship experience with one of ITS’s subject matter experts. Mentored interns deepen their critical thinking skills while engaging on the job with a range of problem-solving approaches. Such know-how positions them for success in the job market. Upon receiving their degrees, many ITS interns step into full-time positions and embark on careers as future leaders in their chosen field of study.

A unique advantage of an ITS internship is the possibility of working onsite at the Table Mountain Radio Quiet Zone, just 12 miles north of the Boulder Labs campus. At this nationally recognized 1700-acre flat-topped butte with separation distances of up to 2 kilometers, ITS researchers conduct antenna development, radar testing, radio noise measurements, and electromagnetic compatibility testing. Facilities include a full suite of NOAA weather satellite receivers for forecasting, receipt of emergency weather forecasts, and data receipt for flood forecasting and fire danger models. The site also includes a self-contained private 5G network to support interference mitigation studies. Other notable assets include sophisticated RF measurement vehicles, a 10.4-meter (34-foot) diameter rotatable steel table, and two 18.3-Meter (60-foot) parabolic antennas.

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