Proceedings: Effect of the Ionosphere on Space and Terrestrial Systems, ed. John M. Goodman, ONR/NRL (Arlington, Virginia, January 1978), 177–182.

Worldwide minimum environmental radio noise levels (0.1 Hz to 100 GHz)

Arthur D. Spaulding; George H. Hagn


It is desirable to design receiving sys­tems so that the receiver will be close to being limited by external noise. Indeed, it is cost ineffective to design radio receiving systems with noise figures significantly less than the minimum values of the environmental radio noise. The best available estimates of the minimum values of the environmental radio noise for vertically polarized antennas expected worldwide (0.1 Hz to 100 GHz) presented in this paper should facilitate cost-effective future receiver design.

This paper was delivered during Session III, Radio Noise and Radiowave Propagation Between ELF and HF.

Keywords: signal-to-noise; radio noise

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