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Radio Frequency Management on the Boulder Labs and Related Government Sites

Responsible Offices

The Boulder Laboratories Frequency Manager (BLFM) at NTIA/ITS processes all requests for frequency assignments on the Boulder Labs campus and at the Table Mountain Radio Quiet Zone.

The Radio Frequency Management Committee (RFMC) coordinates radio frequency assignments and resolves interference issues among NTIA/ITS, NOAA, and NIST agencies on campus.

How do I get this service?

To file an application for radio frequency assignment on the Boulder campus (including Green Mountain), complete and transmit a New Transmitter Approval Request.

To file an application for radio frequency assignment on Table Mountain, complete and transmit a Table Mountain Frequency Coordination Request Form.

For all other coordination questions or needs, email

Applicable Charges

NIST, NOAA and NTIA share the cost of frequency coordination through the Cross Services Agreement. There are no fees charged to individuals or groups for the services of the BLFM.