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1996 Video Quality Tutorial

Examples of Digital Video Impairments

Gradient Model of Video Quality:

The following presents an overview of the gradient model of video quality. Distortions are quantified using spatial and temporal gradients, or slopes, of the input and output video sequences. The gradient model of video quality has produced excellent correlations to subjective judgments and has a number of other significant advantages that are described in the overview. The gradient model of video quality is one model that is used in ANSI T1.801.03-1996 to derive objective video quality parameters.

ANSI T1.801.03-1996 Video Quality Parameters:
The following provides a pictorial representation of several objective video quality metrics in the ANSI T1.801.03-1996 standard. These metrics are based on the Spatial Information (SI) and Temporal Information (TI) features described in section 6.1.1 of the standard. The response of selected objective video quality parameters to several common digital video impairments are illustrated.