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Consumer Digital Video Library

Project Description

The PSCR program provided video samples to the Consumer Digital Video Library. These are samples we create to conduct our own testing for the purposes of establishing video quality performance standards. These samples are shared with the public to support others researching video performance for public safety or other applications. Firefighters working to extinguish a burning structure

About CDVL

The CDVL is a digital video library intended for researchers and developers in the fields of video processing and visual quality (both objective and subjective assessment). Progress in these areas have been limited by the availability of high-quality royalty-free test material. CDVL provides relevant video clips for different types of video processing and quality measurement applications.

Viewing and using PSCR provided samples

To view or download PSCR video samples at CDVL:

  1. Register at
  2. Click Find Videos in the left-side menu list and agree to the license agreement.
  3. In the Dataset Name field, select one of the PSCR datasets (click Dataset descriptions for information about each):
        -  PSCR Event Identification
        -  PSCR Crowd Scenes
        -  PSCR Fireground
        -  PSCR Target Identification
  4. Accept the default values of the other fields and click Search.
  5. Click the file name you want to view and read about the sample.
  6. To get a copy, click Download.