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VQiPS Reports

DHS/OIC, in partnership with the PSCR program formed the VQiPS working group.

Research Reports

In parallel with participating in VQiPS activities and with the sponsorship of DHS/OIC, ITS prepared video quality research reports to help provide minimum performance requirements.

Guide to Requirements

The VQiPS working group developed “Defining Video Quality Requirements: A Guide for Public Safety” to help public safety agencies with little or no technical expertise in video describe their video quality needs and provide basic guidance for the selection of key video system components. Web version available here.

Workshop Reports

VQiPS workshops convened a wide range of participants, including local, state, and Federal representatives from law enforcement, fire-rescue, and emergency medical services. Representatives from non-profit research institutions, academia, and industry also attended. These public safety video users discussed their challenges and work to identify solutions that are not application-specific, but instead focus on common elements across disciplines. SAFECOM has made these workshop reports available at the Homeland Security Digital Library where you can search on VQiPS.