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National and International Standards

ITS Represents U.S. interests on video quality issues in national and international standards committees.

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ITU-T SG9, Margaret H. Pinson (left)

The Making of Video Quality Standards

The Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) determines whether objective video quality models are accurate enough for industry to trust. ITS helped establish VQEG in 1997. ITS participates in VQEG by:

  • Co-chairing VQEG meetings
  • Independent oversight, to promote fairness and accuracy
  • Analyzing data from VQEG sponsored subjective tests
  • Writing subjective test plans and reports
  • Hosting the VQEG website and email lists

An international standard is the next step. This provides reputable proof that the algorithm is reliable. VQEG Reports lead to Recommendations in the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). These Recommendations are available online. The ITU groups responsible for video quality issues are: ITU-T Study Group 9, ITU-T Study Group 12 and ITU-R Working Party 6C.

Within the US, key committees are: