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PMW Featured in GIS 'Zine


July 15, 2015

An article by Kristen Davis on the development of ITS's new generation of web-based GIS solutions for propagation prediction appeared July 1 in Directions Magazine, an online publication offering geospatial information technology news and commentary."GIS plays critical role in US telecommunications planning & security" describes the Propagation Modeling Website (PMW), a software package developed and disseminated by ITS that allows U.S. government end users to access propagation modeling applications through a web interface. The PMW solution integrates commercial, off-the-shelf GIS, database and web-development products in a fully customizable analysis environment that can be tailored to meet individual agency needs. The National Weather Service uses the tools to map radio coverage to U.S. population, to ensure that its All-Hazards Emergency Messages will reach at least 95% of the population. Department of Defense agencies might use the tool for tasks like planning the location and density of transmitters and repeaters for new or ad hoc secure communications networks. The solution was designed to be cost efficient, modular and scalable to meet the government's digital strategy goals of making existing high value data and content available through web APIs, and using a shared platform approach to develop and deliver digital services in order to lower costs and reduce duplication.