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Our mission is to ADVANCE innovation in communications technologies, INFORM spectrum and communications policy for the benefit of all stakeholders, and INVESTIGATE our Nation’s most pressing telecommunications challenges through research that employees are proud to deliver. Learn more about ITS on our YouTube Channel or read about our research programs in the Technical Progress Report.


November 13, 2023

The goal of the two-year 5G Challenge was to accelerate the adoption of 5G open interfaces, interoperable subsystems,...

September 1, 2023

Employment opportunities at ITS include internships for students at all levels of their scholastic careers. Like other employment opportunities, when openings exist, these are listed on ...

May 25, 2023

Until June 2, 2023, expert researchers from ITS are in Geneva, Switzerland, where they are collaborating with colleagues from all over the world to reach consensus about improvements to the International Telecommunication...

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June 1961: First Topside Sounder Rocket Launched

At 11:17 PM on June 24, 1961, NASA launched a Javelin missile from Wallops Island, VA. The Javelin contained an ionospheric sounder created by the Central Radio Propagation Laboratory (CRPL). The sounder used radio waves to examine the atmosphere it was passing through. The sounder acted like a radar, measuring the width and density of the ionosphere, the plasma rich outer layer of the atmosphere. By measuring the ionosphere CRPL hoped to better understand it, and specifically its impact on radio transmission. At certain frequencies, radio waves bounce off the ionosphere and travel further than they would in a straight line. Short wave radio waves can travel around the world in this fashion. ...

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