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Our mission is to ADVANCE innovation in communications technologies, INFORM spectrum and communications policy for the benefit of all stakeholders, and INVESTIGATE our Nation’s most pressing telecommunications challenges through research that employees are proud to deliver. Learn more about ITS on our YouTube Channel or read about our research programs in the Technical Progress Report.


October 1, 2021

Video streaming is a highly competitive market that dominates internet traffic. Video consumes 65% of worldwide mobile downstream traffic....

September 16, 2021

The Video Quality Research Program has launched an interactive web demo of ITS-developed software that estimates the quality of...

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October 1925: First Radio Test Car Placed into Service

In October of 1925 the Department of Commerce’s first radio test car was put into operation by the National Bureau of Standards Radio Division. The test car was equipped with wavemeters, omnigraphs, sensitive receivers, a radio direction finder, a field intensity measurement system, and other equipment. It was also fitted out to act as an office, with a typewriter, desk, and a 50 watt transmitter for emergency communications. The test car quickly became an invaluable tool for testing radios on ships, administering tests for radio operators, and verifying the frequency and power of commercial stations. Before the radio tes ...

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