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Measured airborne radiation patterns around 5G MIMO gNodeB base station transmitters.
Articulation Band Correlation Modified Rhyme Test
The Extended Hata (eHata) Urban Propagation Model
Tools for manipulating the Gilbert-Elliot burst error model.
Script automation for creating canonical GNU Radio docker images
Symbol to Bit Mapping and Demapping Blocks for GNU Radio
Code that implements the Global Wideband Entire Modulation Spectrum (GWEMS), which is a perceptually-relevant, fixed-size representation for an audio (.wav) file.
IF-77 Air-to-Ground Propagation Model (Gierhart-Johnson)
The Irregular Terrain Model (ITM)
Low Frequency / Medium Frequency (LF/MF) Propagation Model
Open software framework for collaborative development of no reference image and video quality metrics
U.S. reference implementation of Recommendation ITU-R P.2108 on the prediction of clutter loss for terrestrial and airborne paths.
U.S. reference implementation of Recommendation ITU-R P.528 providing propagation path loss predictions for aeronautical mobile and radionavigation services using the VHF, UHF, and SHF bands
A graphical user interface application for Recommendation ITU-R P.528
A general software API to interface with RF preselectors.
This project contains Python command-line tools that act as a convenient wrapper for the flickr API and may serve as the basis for an interface between the flickr API and a "local" image database.
Two versions of Radar Spectrum Engineering Criteria (RSEC) are available for download
Base repository for creating new actions for scos-sensor and supporting new hardware.
NTIA/ITS Spectrum Monitoring SCOS sensor reference implementation
Plugin for SCOS Sensor which adds support for Tektronix RSA spectrum analyzers
USRP support for scos-sensor
The Signal Metadata Format Specification
A SigMF namespace extension for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).
A SigMF namespace extension for the SCOS system.
A wrapper for the Tektronix RSA API for Linux, which streamlines control of Tektronix RSA devices using Python.
Video Quality Metrics