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Articulation Band Correlation Modified Rhyme Test
The Extended Hata (eHata) Urban Propagation Model
Code that implements the fixed-size modulation spectrum (FMS), which is a perceptually-relevant, fixed-size representation for an audio (.wav) file.
Tools for manipulating the Gilbert-Elliot burst error model.
Script automation for creating canonical GNU Radio docker images
Symbol to Bit Mapping and Demapping Blocks for GNU Radio
IF-77 Air-to-Ground Propagation Model (Gierhart-Johnson)
The Irregular Terrain Model (ITM)
Low Frequency / Medium Frequency (LF/MF) Propagation Model
Open software framework for collaborative development of no reference image and video quality metrics
U.S. reference implementation of Recommendation ITU-R P.2108 on the prediction of clutter loss for terrestrial and airborne paths.
U.S. reference implementation of Recommendation ITU-R P.528 providing propagation path loss predictions for aeronautical mobile and radionavigation services using the VHF, UHF, and SHF bands
A graphical user interface application for Recommendation ITU-R P.528
A general software API to interface with RF preselectors.
This project contains Python command-line tools that act as a convenient wrapper for the flickr API and may serve as the basis for an interface between the flickr API and a "local" image database.
Two versions of Radar Spectrum Engineering Criteria (RSEC) are available for download
Base repository for creating new actions for scos-sensor and supporting new hardware.
NTIA/ITS Spectrum Monitoring SCOS sensor reference implementation
Plugin for SCOS Sensor which adds support for Tektronix RSA spectrum analyzers
USRP support for scos-sensor
The Signal Metadata Format Specification
A SigMF namespace extension for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).
A SigMF namespace extension for the SCOS system.