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ISART 2016 Attendance Hit 160

August 15, 2016

A record-breaking 160 attendees participated in ISART 2016, whose theme was Spectrum Forensics—spectrum measurements that support interference monitoring, investigation, and enforcement. For the second year, the symposium was sponsored by the Center for Advanced Communications, a joint effort with NIST. Patti Raush of ITS was the General Chair, and Eric Nelson of ITS co-chaired along with Michael Souryal and Tim Hall of NIST/CTL. To take advantage of potential synergies, several spectrum research related events were scheduled during the same week as ISART: CSMAC, the IEEE 802.22.3 project, WSRD, and the WInnForum Spectrum Sharing Committee Meeting all held meetings at the Boulder Labs this week. About 60 people attended the prequel tutorial on the Legal Process of Spectrum Forensics: Civil & Criminal Case Studies, moderated by Rebecca Dorch. Eric Nelson, Ken Baker, and Mike Cotton of ITS each moderated a panel, and ITS Director Keith Gremban delivered the closing remarks. Panelist presentations have been posted at here.