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2006 Outstanding Publication Award – NTIA Report TR-06-444, "Effects of RF Interference on Radar Receivers"

Outstanding Publication Award (NTIA publication): NTIA Report TR-06-444,
"Effects of RF Interference on Radar Receivers," by Frank H. Sanders, Robert L. Sole, Brent L. Bedford, David Franc, and Timothy Pawlowitz, September 2006.

This comprehensive, clearly-written report documents several years of innovative field tests and measurements on low-level RF interference effects on radars. It addresses the question: At what power levels will communication systems interfere with radar receivers if they are placed within radar spectrum allocations? The report is of great importance to every U.S. government agency that operates radars, to the Federal Communications Commission, and to U.S. industry. The results presented in this report have been used by the U.S. administration to support its positions in the ITU-R Working Party 8B on radar issues. There has been great interest in the report since it was published, and although it is on the ITS website, it has already had to be reprinted.