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2013 Outstanding Publication Award

Margaret Pinson and Arthur Webster received the ITS Outstanding Publication Award in the Outside Publication category for a paper entitled “The History of Video Quality Model Validation,” presented at the 2013 IEEE 15th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing.

Margaret and Arthur co-authored with Nicolas Staelens, a VQEG colleague from Ghent University (Belgium), a paper that describes 20 years of progress surrounding subjective tests to quantify or verify objective estimators of perceived video quality. ITS has been a prime driver of work in this field from the start. What was originally a very small group of researchers has grown dramatically over the years. Now over 100 different research labs in industry, academia and government are active in this field, but the vast majority of these have no first-hand experience with the birth and early history of the field. The authors’ foresight and the willingness to summarize the history of this work will benefit all researchers working in this field. The paper was nominated by a peer for the outstanding publication award and the nomination reviewed by a committee of peers including an outside subject matter expert. It was judged to be unique and well written, accomplishing a concise and very efficient information transfer that is a true gift to this research community.