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Visiting ITS

The Institute for Telecommunication Sciences is located on the Department of Commerce (DOC) Boulder Laboratories campus at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills at 325 Broadway in Boulder, Colorado. The City of Boulder is located in Boulder County, Colorado, roughly 30 minutes from Denver. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) provides scheduled public bus service between Denver International Airport (DIA) and the city of Boulder.

ACCESS TO THE SITE: The Department of Commerce Boulder Laboratories site is a restricted access site. Visitors must be sponsored by a Department of Commerce (DOC) employee. Within any campus building, visitors must be escorted at all times, except when attending a public conference or meeting in a designated public area.

Holders of active Department of Commerce agency badges and credentials will be allowed business-hours access to the Boulder campus with those badges, and are not required to register as visitors. For all other visitors, entrance to all buildings and vehicle access to the site require prearrangement.

Visitors are required to sign in and receive a visitor badge from the Visitors Center at the Security Checkpoint. All visitors 16 years of age and older are required to present an accepted form of photo I.D. and, if bringing a vehicle onto the laboratory campus, their vehicle registration card.

Please be aware that under Federal law, effective July 21, 2014, campus security can only accept a state-issued driver's license or identification card from states that are REAL ID compliant or have an extension. Visit the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) REAL ID page to access the current list of states from which a Federal agency may accept driver's licenses for an official purpose.

Other acceptable forms of federally issued identification in lieu of a state-issued driver's license include a valid passport, passport card, DOD's Common Access Card (CAC), Veterans ID, Federal Agency HSPD-12 IDs, Military Dependents ID, Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC), and TSA Trusted Traveler ID. Visitors who are not U.S. citizens require additional advance notice, as described here.

Visitors who drive onto the site are required to park next to the Security Checkpoint and enter the Visitors Center to be screened before proceeding to their destination. All vehicles are subject to search.

Visitors are required to wear their visitor badge at all times while on site. Visitors who are attending a public conference or meeting are allowed unescorted access only to the lobby, auditorium, conference rooms, and restroom area of Building 1.

RETURN ACCESS TO THE SITE: Conference attendees and visitors must show their visitor badge to security personnel every time they enter the DOC campus. If you are driving and leave the site during a conference, your vehicle is subject to search each time you re-enter the campus.

Download a PDF with driving directions.

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Campus Security is provided by NIST Police Services Group.