Leslie A. Berry

Abstract: PRODSIR is a procedure for computing the probability distribution of the signal-to-interference ratio in a congested radio environment. Most of the independent variables in the usual signal-to-interference equation are assumed to be random variables, and the input to the program is their probability density functions (pdfs). The pdfs can be analytical or tabular. The times and lengths of interfering emissions are assumed to be random. PRODSIR combines and transforms the input pdfs using the relationships of probability theory and produces the pdfs of the wanted signal power, the interference-plus-noise power, and the probability distribution of the signal-to-interference ratio. PRODSIR is implemented in an interactive program. A sample session for a version of PRODSIR involving only cochannel interference and noise is included to illustrate the input and output. The structure of the program is given along with instructions for modifying it for special applications. Appendices describe some of the subroutines for handling random variables.

Keywords: interference; probabilistic EMC; spectrum management; signal-to-interference ratio

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