Hiroshi Akima

Abstract: Minimum (or "best–fit") elliptical beams of satellite antennas have been used for the planning of space services utilizing the geostationary–satellite orbit. In such a planning, beam parameters of minimum elliptical beams are necessary for all possible orbital positions of all satellites. Since calculation of beam parameters of every minimum elliptical beam may be rather time-consuming, an alternative method is desirable. This study shows that the beam parameters for a satellite longitude position calculated by linear interpolation from the beam parameters for two nearby longitude positions can be used without a serious degradation of antenna gain. This report describes a method in which the beam parameters for minimum elliptical beams are precalculated for a sufficient number of satellite longitude positions and the beam parameters for a desired longitude position are calculated from the beam parameters for two nearby longitude positions that bound the longitude position in question. Fortran programs that implement this method also are presented.

Keywords: satellite antenna; antenna beam; elliptical beam; linear interpolation; minimum elliptical beam

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