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Gilbert-Elliot Model Software Tools

Jaden Pieper; Stephen D. Voran

Abstract: The Gilbert-Elliot burst error model is a popular and effective tool for treating bursty (non-independent) errors in communication links. This software accompanies the following publication: Pieper J; Voran S, "Relationships between Gilbert-Elliot Burst Error Model Parameters and Error Statistics," NTIA Technical Memo TM-23-565. It provides functions for simulating errors using the model and analyzing error arrays to estimate model parameters. It can also make an estimate of the most likely version of the model to emit a given observation: the two-parameter (p, r), three-parameter (p, r, h) or four-parameter (p, r, k, h). Upon installation, the package provides a command line interface which allows users to determine valid model control values and simulate errors.

Keywords: software simulation.; Markov chain; bit errors; packet loss; bursty errors; error statistics; Gilbert-Elliot

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