May 2000 | NTIA Special Publication SP 00-40

Federal Radar Spectrum Requirements

Joseph P. Camacho

Abstract: The availability of the radio spectrum in the United States is critical to over 40 radio services that provide functions ranging from air traffic control to amateur radio operations. Although the radio frequency spectrum is not a consumable resource, the use of a frequency at a given location usually prevents that frequency from being used by others in the same geographic area. This need for exclusive geographic use to preclude harmful interference has led to current spectrum regulations that establish spectrum use rules, such as granting licenses for spectrum use, and partitioning the spectrum for shared use between radio services.

Keywords: spectrum engineering; spectrum management

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Disclaimer: Certain commercial equipment, components, and software may be identified in this report to specify adequately the technical aspects of the reported results. In no case does such identification imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, nor does it imply that the equipment or software identified is necessarily the best available for the particular application or uses.

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