April 1983 | NTIA Contractor Report CECOM 83-3

Urban Millimeter Wave Propagation Studies

Edmond J. Violette; L. Roger Espeland; Kenneth C. Allen; F. Schwering


Measurements of millimeter wave propagation in urban areas at 9.6, 28.8 and 57.6 GHz, and a determination of signal levels reflected from several building surfaces, were made to study wave propagation characteristics in a city environment. Principal emphasis was on the evaluation of communications link reliability, detectability and usable bandwidth as a function of position of terminals. Reflected signal level measurements were performed on building surfaces of concrete aggregate, painted smooth concrete with protruding ribs, brick, and metal siding. Multipath measurements were recorded as a function of distance for several runs over paths of about 1 kilometer in the center of the Denver metro area. Non-line-of-sight observations showed a large number of substantial signals arriving from a wide range of angles. This report contains the results and analysis from single-path and multipath reflections recorded for the study. Included are an evaluation of multipath effects for both urban and non-urban line-of-sight path and measurements of signals received on nonline-of-sight paths, using edge diffraction effects.

This research and development technical report was submitted to U. S. Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM).

Keywords: millimeter wave; millimeter-wave propagation

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