March 2000 | Technical Report TR-00-378

Spectrum Usage for the Fixed Services

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Robert J. Matheson

Abstract: This study is an update to a 1993 ITS staff study entitled "A preliminary look at spectrum requirements for the Fixed Services." That study included a description of the services provided in 30 of the Government and non-Government frequency bands between 406 MHz and 30 GHz known as point-to-point terrestrial microwave bands. Each of the 30 frequency bands were described in terms of the services provided, growth of licenses, and the geographical distribution of current licenses. The technical, regulatory, and economic factors affecting each band and the total microwave market were described, as well as a prediction of the rate of future growth (or decrease) for each band and market segment. This study adds 6 more years of license information and updates much data on recent regulatory and market trends. Some of the general technology and market descriptions have been left out of this update, but earlier predictions are compared to actual market performance and revised forecasts are made.

Keywords: frequency assignment; spectrum management; telecommunications; microwave radio; fiber optics; fixed radio services; frequency allocation; future spectrum requirements; spectrum crowding

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