January 1970 | Technical Memorandum OT ITS TM 14

An experiment for the study of earth station-terrestrial station interference, Part I - Interference model for rain scatter and fixed-beam experiment

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Joseph A. Hull, Philip L. Rice, Robert W. Hubbard, and G. D. Thayer


Rain gauge data measured at the sub-common volume points when converted to an equivalent radar reflectivity and plotted in terms of a cumulative distribution correlates well with the similar cumulative distributions for the bistatic reflectivity for the 5, 10, and 20 k ft altitudes for which data are available. The accumulation of long-term statistical data requires that strong attention be directed toward achieving maximum reliability of operation in order that short-term events (p=10-4) be recorded during the "typical" year of measurement. The extrapolation of the measurements made at the present site to other locations will depend on models being developed to relate the time and space statistics of radar reflectivity, Z. The present fixed-beam configuration of the experiment is providing critically needed measurements of interference phenomena which must be assessed in terms of cumulative distributions for the given fixed configurations as a function of season and for a total seasonal variations of a "typical" year. It is necessary that this accumulation of data proceed without interruption to provide the inputs required for the use of interference probability models required for domestic and international sharing criteria,

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