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REC533 Propagation Model

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Notice: The Department of Commerce has made this VOACAP propagation software available free of charge, as is from these web pages. Please understand there is no general funding to assist the users of this software. Users desiring program enhancements and modifications should contact Billy Kozma.

To obtain the source of the REC533 propagation module:

  • Click here. (Updated 1/14/2005)
  • Place in the ITSHFBC directory and execute with: recsour -d -o -n
  • This will create subdirectories WIN32\REC533W, WIN32\WP10DWIN, WIN32\VOA_LIB, and WIN32\HFMUFESW
  • This does not contain source of the GUI user interface.
  • Be aware that the source contains some routines that will only work when compiled with the Salford FTN77 32-bit compiler with ClearWin+. Without this compiler, the propagation module may not be compatible with the user interface.

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