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Frequency Coordination Procedures

The Table Mountain Field Site (TMFS) is designated by the FCC as a "Radio Quiet Zone" and is protected by Federal and State regulation from strong external radio signals. This restriction ensures that the Department of Commerce laboratories and research affiliates can study the characteristics and propagation of electromagnetic radiation in a real-world environment with minimal interference from uncontrolled sources of external radio interference.

While the quiet zone restrictions do not preclude transmission of radio signals at the Table Mountain site, any such radio emissions must meet the following criteria:

  • Approval for the transmission must be granted by the Regional Frequency Coordination office.
  • The transmission is of a temporary nature.
  • The time and location of the transmission at the site must be documented.
  • The transmission must meet all applicable licensing requirements.
  • The transmission must not interfere with other activities at the field site.

Researchers requesting permission for radio transmissions at the site need to submit a Request for Frequency Coordination Form.

For more information on submitting a Request for Frequency Coordination contact the Table Mountain Site Manager or the Frequency Coordinator.