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Outside CCTV Resources

This resource list is not comprehensive. Inclusion or exclusion neither implies that the products or services of one concern are better than those of another for a given application, nor does it imply that all claims made by these concerns are accurate. Before procuring any product or service, check as many options as possible.

System Information

As a leader in CCTV deployment and analysis, the UK has demonstrated the usefulness of CCTV in recent years as evidenced by authorities’ identification and apprehension of terrorist suspects whose movements were recorded by CCTV systems. Following are links to resources located in the UK but are available and applicable to anyone seeking CCTV planning and procurement information.

» Doktor Jon’s Guide to the “Use and Application of CCTV”
While casual in presentation, this site provides an abundance of useful information. Key topics include CCTV history, design steps, equipment directory, applications, and more.

» CCTV Information from the CCTV Advisory Service
This site provides succinct information for preparing to specify a CCTV system. It offers a link to a free lens calculator, and provides additional CCTV equipment, application, services information, and more.

Best Practices

» Caught on Camera, Best Practices for CCTV Systems
Produced by the FBI’s Operational Technology Division, this page describes and shows how CCTV systems can be installed and maintained for maximum effect — not only for the business owner but for the needs of law enforcement as well.