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Video Quality Software

No-Reference (NR) Metric Framework

The no-reference (NR) Metric Framework provides the information, support tools, and datasets required to begin research on NR metrics for image quality assessment (IQA) or video quality assessment (VQA). The GitHub wiki pages provide help, tutorials, and links to related resources.   

Video Quality Metric (VQM) Software

Click here for a description of the VQM tools.

Click here to go to the VQM GitHub repository.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Subject Model Analysis (available soon)

This software helps in analyzing and preparing subjective experiments by estimating subject model parameters.

Web-Enabled Subjective Test (WEST)

The Web-Enabled Subjective Test (WEST) software package offers a solution to the problem of gathering subjective testing data from multiple locations and multiple portable or computing devices. The software is freely available for download.

Spatial Information (SI) Filter

MATLAB® code implementing the spatial information (SI) filter. This filter detects long edges and estimates edge angle. 

Subject Screening

MATLAB® code implementing subject screening techniques.

Iterated Nested Least Squares Algorithm (INLSA)

MATLAB® code implementing INLSA. This algorithm that allows multiple subjective datasets to be fitted to a single subjective scale. INLSA computes the fit from a common set of objective metrics.