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2018 Bronze Medal Awards

Ten ITS staff were recognized with a DoC Bronze Medal Award for work performed in fiscal 2018. 

Kristen Davis received a 2018 Bronze Medal Individual Award for improving the way NTIA telecommunication engineers manage projects by spearheading a Jira project management campaign, realizing a 2016 Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act goal while meeting tight sponsor deadlines.

Eric Nelson, Lilli Segre, Amanda Carroll, Amanda Porter, Lisè Matthews, Kathy Mayeda, Amy Weich, Tracy Hough, and Joanne Krumel received a 2018 Bronze Medal Group Award for a year-long effort to develop, implement, and optimize a new inter-linked project planning and financial tracking system that significantly improved efficiency at minimal cost, improved project management and accountability, and provided near real-time updates to project financial status, benefiting both NTIA and the Federal Agencies and industry partners whose complex telecommunication challenges ITS helps to resolve.

2018 Bronze Award Recipients