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2019 Bronze Medal Awards

Twelve ITS staff were honored with the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award for achievements in fiscal year 2019.

Roger Dalke at the whiteboardDr. Roger Dalke received a 2019 Bronze Medal Individual Award for transferring decades of acquired knowledge by preparing, presenting, and documenting a weekly series of lectures on propagation and time-varying radio channel theoretical topics tailored to maximize relevance towards ongoing project work. Continuity of knowledge and experience is critical to ITS being able to continue to execute its mission. Knowledge transfer to junior engineers develops the next generation of researchers at ITS, and periodic re-evaluation of existing theory leads to continuous improvement and possible new applications. Recent activity in a variety of sharing bands, such as AWS-3, involve airborne and ground-based systems and make a complete understanding of topics he covered critical to correctly analyzing the sharing scenarios.

Amanda Carroll received a 2019 Bronze Medal Individual Award for executing and administering double the number of Interagency and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements processed in past years and negotiating the extension of agreements interrupted by the 35-day government shutdown to enable ITS to complete work and carry out its mission to serve as a principal federal resource for solving the telecommunications concerns of other agencies and industry.

Sarah Vasel, Jacob Neal, and Shannon Sisco shared a 2019 Bronze Medal Group Award in recognition of extraordinarily rapid, professional, and thorough response to a report of a potential IT security issue.

Chriss Hammerschmidt, Robert Johnk, John Ewan, Ron Carey, Irena Stange, Mike Chang, and Anna Paulson shared a 2019 Bronze Medal Group Award for advancing spectrum sharing by performing and publishing best practices for radiowave propagation measurements.