December 2005 | NTIA Handbook HB-06-441a

Batch Video Quality Metric (BVQM) User’s Manual

Mark A. McFarland; Margaret H. Pinson; Stephen Wolf

Abstract: This handbook provides a user’s manual for the batch video quality metric (BVQM) tool. BVQM runs under the Windows XP® operating system. BVQM performs objective automated quality assessments of processed video clip batches (i.e., as output by a video system under test). BVQM reports video calibration and quality metric results such as: temporal registration, spatial registration, spatial scaling, valid region, gain/level offset, and objective video quality estimates. BVQM operates on original and processed video files only, and has no video capture capability. BVQM compares the original video clip to the processed video clip and reports quality estimates on a scale from zero to one. On this scale, zero means that no impairment is visible and one means that the video clip has reached the maximum impairment level (excursions beyond one are possible for extremely impaired video sequences).

Keywords: video quality; metrics; video calibration; automatic measurements; digital video; objective video quality performance; batch video clip processing

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Disclaimer: Certain commercial equipment, components, and software may be identified in this report to specify adequately the technical aspects of the reported results. In no case does such identification imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, nor does it imply that the equipment or software identified is necessarily the best available for the particular application or uses.

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