February 1973 | NTIA Software unnumbered

Earth Footprints from a Satellite-Borne Antenna User's Manual

J. E. Falcon; Eldon J. Haakinson

Abstract: This document is a user's manual for a program to compute and plot equipotential power flux density contours on the earth's surface from a satellite-borne antenna. The computer output is microfilm plots of the contours on earth maps showing continental boundaries.

The program allows the user to parametrically examine the interaction affects of orbital geometries, antenna characteristics, received power constraints, and coverage requirements.

The program presently runs on the Boulder CDC-3800 Computer. To use the program, the user will supply a completed input data sheet (sample enclosed) to the EMCAD Group at ITS and the microfilm plots will be delivered to the user.

The manual describes the program function, gives instructions on how to use the program, and presents some sample input and output.

The programs for calculating and plotting the power contours were developed at the Aerospace Corporation (Ginsberg, 1971 and Jacobs and Stacey, 1972) and have been adapted for the Boulder CDC-3800 computer.

Keywords: propagation prediction; air-to-ground propagation; software

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