February 1967 | Technical Progress Report IER TM ITSA 41

Radio Propagation over a Gaussian Shaped Hill

Leslie A. Berry

Abstract: The propagation factor for wave propagation over an impedance surface containing irregularities large compared to a wavelength is the solution of a certain integral equation. The equation is solved numerically for the special case of a two-dimensional Gaussian hill. Sample calculations at 1 and 10 MHz show that there is focusing on the front slope of the hill and a deep shadow just behind the hill. Far behind the hill, the field recovers; and at high frequencies there is diffractive gain.

Disclaimer: Certain commercial equipment, components, and software may be identified in this report to specify adequately the technical aspects of the reported results. In no case does such identification imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, nor does it imply that the equipment or software identified is necessarily the best available for the particular application or uses.

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