October 2022 | NTIA Data


doi: 10.5281/zenodo.7150540

Institute for Telecommunication Sciences

Abstract: This GitHub repository contains two data sets collected at the Commerce Department’s Radio Quiet Zone at Table Mountain, Colorado, as well as Hill Air Force Base, Utah: (1) Calibrated airborne field-strength measurements of spatial radiation patterns in three dimensions around 5G base station antennas; and (2) radiated wideband, wide dynamic range 5G transmitter base station emission spectra. This repository includes the full library of 5G radiation patterns for all three 5G 3700-3980 MHz base station models that are being deployed in the US; and wideband, wide dynamic range emission spectra of those same radios.

Keywords: electromagnetic compatibility (EMC); data; 5G; radar altimeter; 5G NR; airborne radar altimeter interference; JI-FRAI; MIMO antenna radiation patterns; radalt electromagnetic compatibility (EMC); radalt interference

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