Geoffrey A. Sanders; Erik R. Hill; Frank H. Sanders; Robert L. Sole; Michael Ghorbanzadeh

Abstract: This study examines the effects of resolution bandwidth (RBW) when using the measurement methods described in National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Technical Report 05-420 to measure the emission spectra of compound radar waveforms. This study is being conducted in support of updating the Radar Spectrum Engineering Criteria (RSEC) described in Chapter 5.5 of the NTIA Manual of Regulations and Procedures for Federal Radio Frequency Management to better accommodate modern compound radars. Many different RBW settings were used to measure the spectra of single-pulse-parameter and multi-pulse-parameter radar waveforms of both P0N and Q3N pulse types. The results of these measurements are presented in this report along with the conclusions derived from the results. The main conclusion is that the NTIA TR-05-420 recommendation to use the minimum calculated RBW for each of the component pulse types of a compound radar waveform when measuring the compound spectrum is accurate.

Keywords: radar; RSEC; ITU; Redbook; resolution bandwidth; RSMS

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