Frank G. Stewart; Leslie A. Berry; Charles M. Rush; Vaughn L. Agy

Abstract: A radio propagation prediction computer code has been developed to permit rapid simulation of HF air-to-ground telecommunication circuits. This prediction program provides estimates of both skywave and groundwave HF propagation parameters. The skywave and groundwave propagation parameters can be obtained for radio circuits with transmitters and receivers on the surface of the earth or with one or both ends of the circuit elevated up to 50 km. When a large number of circuits in a given area are simulated for a single time, the program is an order of magnitude faster than its predecessors. This report provides a description of the air-to-ground HF propagation prediction program as well as illustrations of the results obtained from the program.

Keywords: air-to-ground propagation; groundwave propagation; HF predictions; ionospheric propagation; propagation predictions; skywave propagation

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