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ITS Awards

2023 Gold Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement

2023 CO-LABS Governor’s Award for High-Impact Research

2021 ITS Peer Awards

2020 Gold Medal Award

2020 Bronze Medal Awards

2019 Bronze Medal Awards

2018 Bronze Medal Awards

2016 Bronze Medal Awards

2016 Silver Award for Scientific/Engineering Achievement

2015 Outstanding Publication Awards

2015 Gold and Silver Awards

2014 Outstanding Publication Award

2014 IEEE QoMEX Best Paper Award

2013 Outstanding Publication Award

2013 Bronze Medal Awards

2013 NPSTC Awards

2013 P25 Certificate of Appreciation

2012 Gold Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement

2012 Bronze Medal Awards and Certificates of Appreciation

2012 NPSTC Atkinson Technical Award

2012 ATIS Outstanding Contributions Award

2010 Silver Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement

2010 Outstanding Publication Awards

2010 Bronze Medal Awards

2010 Silver Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement

2008 Gold Medal for Project 25 Inter-RF Subsystem Interface Test Tool Development

2007 Silver Medal for Personal and Professional Excellence

2006 Gold Medal for Enhancement of Public Safety Communications

2006 Outstanding Publication Award - NTIA Report TR-06-444, "Effects of RF Interference on Radar Receivers"

2006 Silver Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement

2005 ATIS Distinguished Service Award - Neil Seitz

2005 Silver Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement

2004 Silver Medal for Scientific/Engineering Achievement

2004 Outstanding Laboratory by Federal Laboratory Consortium - ITS

2002 IEEE Harry Diamond Memorial Award - Dr. Hans Liebe