ISART 2012: Developing Forward Thinking Rules and Processes to Fully Exploit Spectrum Resources—Case Study 2: Exploring Approaches for Real-Time Federal Spectrum Sharing
July 25-26, 2012

ISART 2010 laid the foundation with a comprehensive survey of spectrum sharing approaches from a Federal government perspective. Contemporary issues with radar sharing and the extensive allocations for radar systems motivated ISART 2011, which provided a comprehensive evaluation of radar spectrum management and usage. It mingled prominent radar and telecommunications engineers who explored the interactions between these distinctive technologies and contemplated enhanced spectrum engineering and sharing approaches.

Case Study 2 responded to progress in dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technology that highlighted the critical role of the spectrum sharing infrastructure, which is more the domain of computer scientists than radio scientists. This infrastructure is architected upon databases, information exchange languages, and business processes. More than any particular radio technology, computer science has spurred the advancements in technologies that enable new and innovative ways to share spectrum. Geolocation databases dictate channel availability in the TV white spaces, and the Department of Defense is developing capabilities to generate digital spectrum policy that would govern the operation of flexible spectrum use radios with and without spectrum sensing.

Future Federal spectrum sharing will require changes to the existing spectrum management infrastructure to expand spectrum availability through use of  technologies like DSA. Widespread acceptance and adoption of spectrum sharing  technologies will require well-defined business practices and sharing agreements, the development of supporting automation and management systems to generate coexistence rulesets, and secure networks that implement these rulesets.

ISART 2012 exposed radio scientists and computer scientists to a detailed view of each other's perspective of spectrum use and management and delineated the  obstacles to development of spectrum sharing infrastructure for both Federal and commercial sharing.

2012 ISART Speaker Slides

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