ISART 2020 • 5G Spectrum and a Zero-Trust Network

Future wireless systems (5G and beyond) will offer major economic benefit to countries and companies that can deploy those networks and services reliably, quickly, and securely. Spectrum — the foundation for much of 5G — presents unique security challenges, in addition to a multitude of technical, economic, regulatory, and political challenges. While spectrum security historically focused on jamming, spoofing, and interference, the time has come for governments, industry, and academia to re-examine what spectrum security means. ISART 2020 focused on what a “zero-trust” network environment means from a 5G spectrum perspective, identifying the challenges for spectrum to be available, reliable, assured, and secure in a no-trust environment; exploring potential technical solutions; and identifying research areas that facilitate securing spectrum for rapid adoption of assured 5G networks. The fully virtualized symposium format included tutorials, panel discussions, technical presentations, and virtual breakout rooms that provided opportunity for the discussion and networking that has always been a hallmark of ISART.

A written transcript of the conference has been published as ISART 2020: Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium on Advanced Radio Technologies —5G Spectrum and a Zero Trust Network. The full video archive is available in the ISART 2020 YouTube playlist on the NTIAgov channel. 

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