ISART 2018 • Path Lost: Navigating propagation challenges for ultra-dense wireless systems

Network densification in response to the explosion in demand for wireless data presents technical, economic, and regulatory challenges. In the scramble to meet the demand for wireless data, coexistence, spectrum sharing, and infrastructureless communications are being introduced as alternatives and adjuncts to fixed frequency assignment and infrastructure-based networks. Network operators are looking to ultra-dense networks and ever-shrinking cell sizes to build capacity, but existing propagation models have an inadequate level of fidelity to represent these environments. Detailed knowledge of radiofrequency propagation in these ultra-dense network environments is key to not only building capacity but also regulating in ways that ensure minimal interference and offer appropriate economic incentives. Accurate, reliable, validated, and trusted propagation models that can predict signal strength across a wide variety of environments and conditions are key to navigating the challenges of deploying ultra-dense wireless systems in shared radio spectrum. ISART 2018 will bring together leading experts from government, academia, and industry to explore the current state of the art and map the path forward to the next generation of foundational propagation models.

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